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—Hello, this is a new site that is still being worked on. I’m almost there. Still need to touch up some in’s and out’s. However, I already have a several post up, so if your interested please follow me and have a look around. Thank you for stopping by—-

Join me on adventures and discussions through literary works and the people who write them. Books and More is a place for anything and everything literary related. So grab your coffee, tea, or something harder and take a look around.

Brainstorming? Looking for more popular or scholarly information? If you don’t have time to read my post, and weed through my resources the link below will take you to my collection of work cited links.

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General Post and Misc.

These are general post about the website and other misc. topics like homeschooling and activities.

Literary and Poetry Analysis, Reviews, and Links

Posts about authors, Poets, literary theories, and techniques.

Personal Work

This is my personal work. In here you’ll find articles, essays, poetry, and short stories.

Reviews of Other Sites and Business

Basically, I’m giving little shout outs while getting more practice. (nothing to see yet. Thought I did, but don’t. Thank you for your patience.)