Just checking in with a little Dickinson and living on caffeine…


O my goodness. I am currently on my last week of classes and have no confidence with anything I turned in the other week. I still have a ppt and a website to finish by Sunday, but I need a break. Since my brains about to crash I figured I’d write a quick post.

Well, really I figured I’d look through my material for future post. While going through everything I have on Dickinson I found my links from the Emily Dickinson Museum’s website. I was only going to reference the museum, but now I figure it would be a good quick post. I’m going to try to this a quick read for you and simply add some list and links here.

Image by Emily Dickinson Museum via emiliydickinsonmuseum.org.

Well, I know this post is filled with links, but I really needed a short distraction. Hope your have fun checking the links out, and maybe found a place to submit your own work too. Have a safe and hopefully warm week. Chicago’s finally getting hit with snow today so, we’ll be out later to play in it!


Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

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