Getting to know flash fiction


If you’ve been following, like 2 people, you know that I’ve been dying from class work. So, here I am again taking a break and making a quick post. I forturnitly and unfortunitly have Feburary off and can create some better post then.

This one is about flash fiction, it’s also referred to as microfiction, short-short stories, or sudden stories. What is flash fiction and why should you care? Well I dont know why you should care other than they’re cool short stories that wont take forever to read. Therefore, you spend a while reading many authors all night instead of one.

Now, what are they? They are stories that don’t have a set word count, but are usually under 1,500 words. What really makes them short-short stories though is that they can also be as short as 6 words. Now, I think it’s very cool that we can see a sentence or two as a complete piece of literature. Can you imagine being able to portray a plot in a few words? I can’t.

No really I can’t. I had to write a piece of flash fiction that was 250 words, and it was so difficult. The whole time through that class I kept acting as if I was posting on social media because of the word restrictions. Here’s my post for that class, and yes it was a pretty pathetic attempt at flash fiction. I do plan to try again in the near future.

Every period is something different. My first was my hair period. I was very picky and only cared about long hair. There was a period for lips, feet, and eyes as well. This time it’s all about the fingers. Out of nowhere, the slender joints fascinated me to no end. The human hand can do amazing things, create amazing works of art, or simply be. Some hands are good for piano playing, with a long pinky that some would kill for. While others are scarred and calluses from working outdoors. Though, I believe a painter’s hand tells a unique story with their softer elegance. 

“Are you going to be original again, and call this your finger period?” My brother chimed out, startling me. 

“Get out of my room” I sighed. Pushing him out of the door, which only amused him more. 

“More guests have arrived!” he called from behind the door, and more quietly he added, “and I’ll be entertaining tonight.”

“Over my dead body.” I mutter and walk back to my collection.

Sadness overwhelmed me as I passed my full-length mirror. I don’t know why, but some decades my legs disappear and I become a little translucent. Though, I should count my blessings since little Jacob is never seen by the living. Picking up the artist’s hand I snap myself out of my pity party. 

“I hope there’s someone with calloused hands.” I say to no one while stroking the digits, “I’m so sick of these soft ones.”

However, I will not disappoint and here’s some links actually good flash fiction writers.

The following link is to a magazine that features only flash fiction. You can read the current issue online –

This website has a collection of flash fiction magazines. It gives you the magazines link and information about submitting your work –

This is a link to a flash fiction that I like. It’s about a ghost collector and a rocking chair. Ghost Collecting and here’s the link to the authors blog

Here’s a few links about flash fiction –

That’s the end. Hope you liked my short take on flash fiction. Do you have anything to add or do you have favorite short-short story you’d like to share? Go ahead and leave me a comment or drop me a line. Have a safe day or night whatever it may be.


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