Short Story – Two New Additions


I wanted to get a post in, but don’t really have the time for it. Therefore, I thought why not add some work. Here’s a short story. I hope you like it. My professor said I packed a lot of information in it, but let me know what your think.

— Everyone loves them. Except for the ten percent that isn’t affected by their defensive abilities. Now they’re really part of the family, and I don’t know what to say. —

Two New Additions

I never know what to say. My mind is going so fast I’m almost thankful that people move further away from me on the crowded street. Women, both human and Dwellers, are walking with their trendy fur coats while I, a Midwest native, is wearing a dress shirt. Another thing that makes me different from everyone else here. Taking deep calming breaths, I try to keep my cool when someone glares or looks away from me. The little isolation makes me feel more disjointed and angrier as I walk to the birthing center. The gift bags cut into my hand from the weight, and I don’t know what I’m going to say. What am I, Lily Williams, going to do?

It’s times like this that remind me why I fight for better coexisting regulations. Twenty years ago big, blue, four to six tentacled creatures crashed on earth. They’re called FELD’s, Fallen Extraterrestrial Land Dwellers, or Dwellers for short. They’re not so bad and are surprisingly humanoid. They share everything with us; our names, our living spaces, even our children. They make us better. They make the world better. I know this, everybody knows this. This still doesn’t make up for what their women do. It doesn’t stop me from wanting to cry and scream that everyone can shove their disillusioned minds where the sun don’t shine. I can’t of course, because I’m a senator with a political family. I’m also different, which means I must be extra careful with how I act. Which is difficult, since I want to get to the birthing center to wrap Trish’s skinny deep blue tentacles around her neck.


The street is filled with mixed families today so I must be extra cautious with how I act. Controlling myself, I politely acknowledge everyone that greets me. Being extra nice when talking with kids. While hugging one, Mitch walked up beside me.

“Plague doctor,” He said after I finished with the family.

Turning toward him, I released a long deep sigh and fall into him. His tentacles comforted me while I have a brief mental break down. After years of practice, an onlooker would have confused this for a friendly hug. Recovering, I gave him a questioning look and continued walking.

“I’ve been watching a documentary about what you called your Dark Ages,” he continued, taking my bags from me. “I imagine they treated their plague doctors the way they do you”

“Those doctors were feared not hated” I replied, rubbing the bag marks out of my palms.

“Nobody hates you. See.” He said, stopping with me as another family stopped to greet us.

            He was sort of right. As unpopular as my stance on issues was, I’m still popular with most Dwellers. They trust me because I saved Mitch when we were kids. Through the years I and the Dwellers have shown that we are, under normal instances, harmless to each other. It took a lot of work since I was part of the militia against them. I really had no choice since my uncle was the leader, and I was ten years old. It’s a long, scary story that ends with Mitch and I finding our parents.

Basically, a little over ten percent of the population isn’t influenced by the Dweller’s natural defense mechanism. Which is a defensive telepathic ability to calm any creature within a ten-foot radius of them. This means that as I walk these crowded streets, I don’t naturally stay farther away from the Dwellers as others do. I’m more alert, less receptive, and clearly see the effects they have on other species. Like the zombie-like individual that our current family is introducing me to. Some individuals are impacted more than others.

“You alright?” Mitch quietly asked as we walked away.

“No. No, I’m not, and I’m extremely not since your horrible sister-in-law has stollen my niece.”


Our conversation was halted as another group walked with us until we made it to the Birthing Center. Stopping at the entrance I leaned back into Mitch with his protective service providing cover for this lapse. I’ve been here plenty of times. Before I was even of age, I helped build these centers. I have certifications for almost every social service position available, and I still don’t know what to say.

“She did it on purpose. What are we supposed to do? What am I supposed to do? You know nobody else had the balls to pull this on us.”

He laughs a little, but I can feel the tension. He knows I’m angry, and he must know that I’m wondering how he feels about this.

“Aww come on,” he says as if reading my mind. “Nobody gets hurt in the end…”

“Are you giving me a speech?” I interrupt, with a great urge to hit him.

“Okay, I’m sorry. At least it was us that did it right? Look I don’t like what our women do either. None of us do, but both kids are ours anyway right? We’re family now. We share names, we share living spaces, we share babies.”

“I’m going to kill all of you.” I say lunging at him.

He gently grabs me knowing I won’t, and can’t really hurt him. “Don’t say that. You have a daughter now, and since we are now officially family, he’ll definitely throw your ass away for threatening him.”

“I was threatening your whole species.” I mummer, forcing myself to take deep breaths.

“I don’t think you ever threatened my species the way you’ve threatened him, and he’s up there already. So, try not to be angry for your husband’s sake at least. Now, there’s people starting to look at us. Smile.” He said pushing me through the door.


           As I mumble to myself in the back of the elevator Mitch’s protection service guys send me worried glances, as usual. I still don’t know what I’m going to say or do when I get to my sister-in-law’s room. She has been through three days of hell and her mind will forget it. Even now, she is losing the feeling of dread and loss. Compelled to care for a child that deep down she knew wasn’t hers.

FELD mothers don’t take care of their own young. They replace their baby with another species baby. They throw some very twisted and complicated telepathic instructions at the women and replace the kids. Taking the stolen child to their colony where their younger women care for them. On their home planets, this helped the native species from becoming too inbred. However, here on earth, our species can’t breed together. Fortunately, the Dweller men love children and deeply care for the family unit. Even Mitch’s evil brother Senator Mallok will do everything for our families.

“The Dwellers make us better because they are better.” I mutter to myself. Mitch simply watches me. His eyes tell me to get a hold of myself in the next three floors.

Abuse against women and children is almost nonexistent. The Dweller’s do not stand for it, and as such there is a steep penalty for such actions. They ensure that all women and children involved are well taken care of. Everybody helps each other as if the entire Earth is a giant community. Yes, they make everything better. Yet, I know it’s a lie. Everything’s better because humans aren’t allowed to be themselves.

“You make us better and my niece is okay. I do not want to strangle Trish with her own tentacles.”

“You did not just say that.” Mitch said as the elevator stopped on our floor.

“With her own beautiful deep blue tentacles.” I replied, deadpanned. She did this on purpose. She was told to do it to stop Mallock and me from feuding. It’s one thing to instinctively create such a mess, but to do it on purpose was another thing.


           Coming out of the elevator we walked right into Mitch’s family, with Trish standing right in the center. I was on her before I could think about the consequences of my actions. Thankfully, Mallock was a step ahead of me and their oldest brother was anticipating my actions. To his credit, he let me get an extra hit in before pulling me off her.

           “Really, we’re all family here. We were going to take care of both kids anyway.” Jacob says as he throws me to the other side of the hallway.

           “That’s what I told her.” said Mitch, walking over to help me up.

           “I don’t care. You did this on purpose. You were told too by your dad. I know you were.” I fumed at them, pushing Mitch’s helping hands away.

           “Lily, can I speak with you alone please. Before we see them; all of them.” Mallock ask


           The hospital staff let us use an empty room. Birthing centers were like regular hospitals, but with larger private wings in order to support both families. We were in one meant for a little boy. Sara, my sister-in-law was supposed to have a little girl.

           “She does have a little girl, just not the one you wanted her to have.” Mallock said. Like his brother, he seemed to be able to read my mind. It made me angrier and I imagined ripping his head off. Though, I didn’t make a move at him. From experience, I know that he is stronger than me. Plus, Mitch is right he’s thrown me in jail before and won’t hesitate to do it again.

           “What do we do? What do I say?” I say with a shake in my voice. I didn’t even realize I had started crying.

           “Wipe those away,” he said annoyed “We do the same thing as before. I’m not going to let them change us. We can take care of each other and still fight each other. We just have to admit defeat with others more. They’ll call out our hypocrisy, but I don’t care. I’m not going to let them win. I don’t know how I feel about Trish, but we’ll deal with that later.”

           Softer, he tells me to come closer and wraps his arms around me. I like it when he’s a big brother and not the devil in disguise.


           The bright pink is blinding as we walk into Sara’s room. I still don’t know what I’m going to say, and it turns out Mallock didn’t know what he was going to say either. Sara is in bed holding Melanie, or rather Melanie is holding her. Her little light blue tentacles were wrapped around her body. As mad as I am Melanie was a part of our family no matter which mother Trish picked. Sitting beside them is James with Molly, who was screaming her little lungs out.

           “They’re bringing us a bottle right now.” James says. You can tell from his voice that he’s tired, so Mallock offers to take over so he can get something to eat. Agreeing, James squeezed my shoulder on the way out.

I’m ashamed for feeling exhausted. I didn’t just have a baby and go through a huge mental mess up. It’s strange for me to see the moms so happy with someone else’s child, but there Sara is beaming at us.

“This one was screaming her little head off to until she was fed. Both of them are going to be little butter balls. Dad was in here earlier going about Molly being mine. I hope he’s going to be okay. I don’t understand why he would say such a thing.” Sara said. She looked a little confused, which was normal. I’ve seen a lot of mothers go through this, and Sara was happy. Maybe, somewhere in there she knew at least her baby would still be with us and that made it okay for her. “She’s beautiful, isn’t she?” She asked. Her eyes were searching, hoping I would agree.

“You all are beautiful.” I said.  


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