Just a blog rant

Like the title says this is only a rant. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to post this, but then I figured this is what blogs are for too. So, I’ve started really working on this blog about two weeks ago, and two things are driving me nuts right now.

1. Social media. How in the world do you incorporate social media with a blog. I know this may seem like a dumb question, but its bugging me. I’m not sure how to make post that aren’t boring. My post work in WordPress, but I don’t think they do as well as say an Instagram post. I think I need to make different content for social media post that reference one of the blog post.

2. Copyright and disclaimers. Figuring this out is such as bad as the social media thing. I know it should be easy, but for some reason it’s not right now. I need a copyright statement, a disclaimer about everything being my opinion, and a disclaimer about the ads. I’m hoping to figure it out so a footer is only 2 or 3 sentences long with a page about it all.

3. I know the information is out there, and I just need to find the right way to look it up. Right now all I’m finding is sign up and I’ll teach you how to do this. I’ve taken enough classes to know this stuff. I think I need to take a step back and make some more coffee.

Well, this stuff and adding some new content is the goal for this week. Along with organizing this hot mess of a house. My three year old just had a huge burst of energy and took everything out. I guess I needed to vacuum anyway.

Published by Linda Marie

Hello, I'm a stay-at-home-mom, student, and aspiring author currently working hard at becoming a freelance writer and blogger. I love writing, reading, and having discussions with people. Please join me at my blog Books and More where I discuss and analyze all things literature and then some.

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