Short post-Ever had a hard time finishing a book?

Have you ever had a hard time reading a book? Not because it was difficult or because you couldn’t get into to it, but because it was a mentally difficult read. I’m having that issue right now. I’m trying to get through The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes by Suzanne Collins. I’m not really sure why its getting to me since I’ve even written a 10 page essay on the trilogy.

I also think it’s a great read so far, and I know it’s going to have brutal parts. However, right now I’m at that point where I might have to put it down and start again some other time.

I’ve done this before, but mostly with Stephen King books. Like with Pet Cemetery, my nephew was born right after I started the book. When I got to the truck part I couldn’t continue, and waited about a year before I went back to it. IT was the same way, because well it’s IT.

So how about you? Ever had a hard time reading a book because of how emotional or scared it made you?

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5 thoughts on “Short post-Ever had a hard time finishing a book?

    1. Hello, I’ve heard of it, but had to double check the story. Yes, I don’t know if I would be able to finish that one either. I know its a classic, but the subject is too disturbing for me. I found it surprising that there have been so many adaptations for it. Thank you for your comment.

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