Poem Post: When I Came Back Home

Hello, just a quick personal post. I came across this poem and fixed it up a bit. Hope you enjoy it. It’s actually a part of a set, but I didn’t clean up the other ones yet.

When I Came Back Home

I have traveled far from this dirty city,
That is filled with alley rats and black spray paint markings.
The air is filled with dinosaur decay, and sirens ringing.

I have traveled far from a Tin Can I called home.
Far from it, to return to a gun filled wasteland.
Where rails go nowhere, but still lay in the ground

Rails that bring in more than freight trains.

I have seen coyotes walk along its metal tracks.
Large cats and fat black mask bandits
That hang around as if waiting for cards.

These rails change this dark city.
They allow grass to grow within the cracks.
The comforting sound of the click clack
Lets us know the city’s still moving.

I have traveled far from this city
And lived in tin cans and back seats of cars.
I have seen large waves and swam in lakes.
I have saw the beauty in the color blue grey.

I have traveled far from this city,
And called another girl home.

I have traveled far from this city,
And used the rails to return
to the painted streets and freight trains.
Where coyotes roam.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Published by Linda Marie

Hello, I'm a stay-at-home-mom, student, and aspiring author currently working hard at becoming a freelance writer and blogger. I love writing, reading, and having discussions with people. Please join me at my blog Books and More where I discuss and analyze all things literature and then some.

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