I’m Going to Miss Those Dr. Seuss Books, Because I Grew Up With Them.

Short post. I’m a little late in talking about this, but how do you feel about the decision on the Dr. Seuss books? While I understand, and agree, to their reasons I can’t help but to be disappointed by their decision. Mostly, though, I’m mad at myself for putting off buying Mcelligot’s Pool, as it was my favorite as a kid.



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4 thoughts on “I’m Going to Miss Those Dr. Seuss Books, Because I Grew Up With Them.

  1. Honestly, I think it’s messed up. I grew up reading them and I never saw any racist undertones. I think that it’s not so much about racism but that there are those who are trying to destroy American talents and creation. It seems that EVERYTHING is racist nowadays and by doing things like these, the Left only cheapens the word and idea of racism.


    1. Hi Cherie,
      I saw stereotypes in those books, so I agree with the reasoning from Dr. Seuss. I wish I would have bought them when I had the chance. Plus, they weren’t making them enough money to keep on selling the books.
      Its easy to blame cancel culture, and I don’t only blame the left for this. The right cracks down on books and video games just as much. Though, in this case it isn’t banning but a business decision.
      Still, I agree with your overall feelings. That it does water things down. We keep on making the “bad” things go away. It’s scary, because it could be the start of bigger censorship. With censorship I don’t see left or right, I see people who want to silence the past, and it’s not right. We have to learn from it. Ultimately, I think this was a good move for Dr. Seuss even though I don’t like it. Yet, I’m afraid other companies will copy this in order to claim they’re not banning their books when they are censoring them because of present culture ideas.

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