How do you celebrate May the 4th ? : This Year I Remember Carrie Fisher

What do you do on Maythe4thbewithyou? I normally use this day to watch a few of the movies. However, this year I decided to spend the day remembering Carrie Fisher. It’s actually strange and a little hypocritical of me to care that she’s gone so much. When young, I never thought of her as one if my heroes. I always thought she was a bad ass, both the character of princess Leia and Carrie Fisher, but she wasn’t my role model. I had Stargate’s Samantha Carter for that. I also always felt that I learned strength from Captain Janeway more than Leia.

It wasn’t until I learned of her death that I realized how important she was to me. I don’t morn too well, even for people I’m close to. I certainly don’t really cry for celebrities that I don’t know. The only exception was Robbin Williams and Carrie Fisher.

I was so surprised, but when I thought about it she was the first strong women I saw on T.V. or anywhere really. I lived with mostly crazy women who took and gave abuse. Leia taught me that I didn’t need a man to take care of me. She also taught me that I could be strong and kind at the same time.

Later in life I realized and learned that alot of my families problems revolved around mental illness and addiction. Carrie Fisher taught me that was okay. It was okay that my family and I weren’t alright. I had lost any ideas of role models or heroes by my late teens and into early adulthood. Still, believed that her writings helped me in some way.

Enter my late 20’s to early 30’s and I was too busy and tired to think about movies and even books that impacted my life and thinking. Now in my mid 30’s I’m back in school and have a little girl to raise. I’m once again rememded of the women who had an impact on me. Not just those I met and see on a regular bases, but those in movies and books. One day I hope my daughter loves Princess Leia as much as I do. One day I also wish he admires Carrie Fisher for telling her story.

Have you ever heard the story about the cow tongue. I can find the audio anymore, but this stories has most of it.

Here’s Carrie Fisher’s page on Amazon

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