Memorial Day: Remembering

Hello Everyone,

We barbecued today, and now I’m outside chilling with my daughter. Yet, eventhough I’m peacefully drinking my cup of coffee there’s a dark cloud over my head today.

Memorial day hasn’t been another holiday since I joined the military a lifetime ago. My life in the Navy has long been done, about six years now.

Photo by Pixabay from Pexels
Photo by Pixabay from Pexels

Memorial day is a moment to remember those who we lost. Often we think about the men and women that lost their life in war and violence far away from us.

While of course I think about them, this year I can’t stop thinking about those we lost closer to home.

The guys that tooked their lives. The men and women who died from cancer. The ones that were killed by senseless violence here at home. They all gave the ultimate sacrifice for us.

I know our government and our nation is all over the place. I know that our system doesn’t help us veterans as much as they should. Still, for the most part I like to think that we try to take care of each other, and do our best to honor those we lost.

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