June 22nd post : New Pet

Right off the start I didn’t write everyday. That was my goal with restarting this blog, and it’s been three days. However, I did technically write everyday because I had school work to get done. I’ve also been working more on my Etsy shop, and was doing post for that too. So, maybe I can lie to myself and claim that I was writing everyday.

Anyway, happy late fathers day to all the dad’s and some mom’s out there (my boyfriend’s mother gets recognition for both). This fathers day weekend was fairly good. We went to the circus, and he won her a little gold fish. Her first pet. I expected the fish to die since she kept on picking it on the way home. However, it actually lived through the night.

I thought she wouldn’t bother with it, but of course no. She kept asking it to eat and puted her stuffed animals by it. Therefore, of course, I had to go and spend almost $50 on a tank and stuff. Two days later, the little guy is still around. Pretty sure we’re going to be stuck with fish for awhile.

Featured Photo by PRAPHAPHAN WONGSAWAN from Pexels

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