Couldn’t go to the wedding

I finished ironing his clothes, and thought how mine could have been on there too.

I couldn’t go to a wedding today, no kids under 5, and no babysitter. We woke up around noon today, alot later than normal. I ironed his clothes and felt a little bad about not being able to go. He kept on telling me to just go with him, but I think thats beyond rude. The wedding was his cousins, and I wasn’t going to be that guest that thought she was above the brides wishes. Though, I am a little annoyed by the decision since there are several kids under 10 there. Its a big family with a lot of kids, so I’m not sure why a few younger ones made that much of a difference. O well, my daughter and I just had to be happy with the videos and pictures for today.

In other news I “waisted” yesterday on redoing a PowerPoint I didn’t need to. I had to create a presentation for my British lit final. I wrote about Mary Shelly’s Mathilda and got a 92 on it. I’m not complaining, but instead of letting it go I went ahead and fixed the issues the professor had with it. At least I think I did. We have a non graded form I might upload it to. Its the last week for that class, and we’re pretty much all done. 

Anyway, I have to finish a form and start my final for my linguistics class. I was suppose to get the form done today, but looks like I’ll be a little late. Instead I decided to work on my Etsy shop and spend time with the little monster. Speaking of her, she went nuts an hour ago. I had to turn everything off and we went to our room. She was so over excited, but it was probably her last bit of energy before she goes to bed. I read somewhere that this is the best time to play with your kid. Not for me, its too much and I can’t stand when she gets that hyper. She finally settled down, and we’re watching The Princess and the Frog.

Mary Shelley Mathilda – here’s the link for Mary Shelly’s novella. It’s a quick read, but has the subject of incest and suicide in it. Read the intro first if your unsure about reading it. Though, there’s nothing graphic in it.

Feature Photo by Lina Kivaka from Pexels

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