walking in the rain – journal post

The other day we went walking in the rain. I usually don’t do this, but it was nice out too. Kids need to do this sometimes, even if I’m terrified that she’ll get sick. It was suppose to be a short 3 block walk. We usually go for French fries at the local submarine place. However, i forgot their hours changed and it was closed. Of course, we still needed French fries since I said it. So we walked another 4 blocks to Wendy’s. I’m not sure if it was a good walk or not, and I’m not sure if she enjoyed it.

First, I swear how do parents get their kids to walk with them. You ever see them. They’re walking, talking on the phone, or not paying attention. Their kid is right beside them nice and calm. Not my kid. This one didn’t know if she wanted to be Slowpoke Rodríguez or Speedy, I swear. The Slowloke part is why I’m not sure if she really wanted to go walking in the rain. Thougj, the Speedy part seemed fun for her, even if it scares the hell out of me.

Still, since it was only her and me she behaved fairly well. No trying to run off in the middle of the street for a bird, and very little whining. So, all in all it was decent afternoon.

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Blog post journal

Been a hard week, boyfriend issues, but trying to focus on my Etsy shop. I’m also considering writing a poetry book. I know this will probably go nowhere, but poetry usually starts my creative flow going. My classes start on Monday, so writing some poetry beforehand can only benefit me.

I started the other night. So far, there’s a rough outline of 16 poems. I’ve wanted to get these ideas down for awhile so I was able to get down a few lines for each of them. The “story line” is about the experience of being single to becoming a mother, how I dealt with the “baby blues”, and when I finally felt almost like myself again. Writing it down, it seems like a lot but I think the transition will work.

Anyway, I hope you all have a safe and happy holiday weekend.

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Blog: Just Another Monday

Busy few months ahead. I Finished classes yesterday, and start three new ones next Monday. One is my senior seminar, so I know I’ll be super busy. However, I’m mostly scared, because after August I’ll have to go back to work if some of my side projects don’t pull through.

I’m the only one that watches my daughter. My boyfriend, her dad, keeps on acting like he can’t figure out a schedule with me if I go back to work. Really, because I’m the one with a degree and prior service I should be the one working full time. We talked about it, but he’s not feeling that. It’s very frustrating, because a year or two of me full time somewhere could get us back on track to buy a house.

It’s not that I want to go back to work. I would like to be able to stay with her, but bills.

As for today, it looks like it’ll be a lazy day. Playing with playdoh and going over shapes this afternoon. I want to try to get some numbers in today, and maybe later play with the hooked on phonics apps and books. I didn’t realize they were still around, and thought I’d give them a try. She’s still a little to young for it, but she likes the games and I like the extra material.

These are short books you get in the pack.

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Couldn’t go to the wedding

I finished ironing his clothes, and thought how mine could have been on there too.

I couldn’t go to a wedding today, no kids under 5, and no babysitter. We woke up around noon today, alot later than normal. I ironed his clothes and felt a little bad about not being able to go. He kept on telling me to just go with him, but I think thats beyond rude. The wedding was his cousins, and I wasn’t going to be that guest that thought she was above the brides wishes. Though, I am a little annoyed by the decision since there are several kids under 10 there. Its a big family with a lot of kids, so I’m not sure why a few younger ones made that much of a difference. O well, my daughter and I just had to be happy with the videos and pictures for today.

In other news I “waisted” yesterday on redoing a PowerPoint I didn’t need to. I had to create a presentation for my British lit final. I wrote about Mary Shelly’s Mathilda and got a 92 on it. I’m not complaining, but instead of letting it go I went ahead and fixed the issues the professor had with it. At least I think I did. We have a non graded form I might upload it to. Its the last week for that class, and we’re pretty much all done. 

Anyway, I have to finish a form and start my final for my linguistics class. I was suppose to get the form done today, but looks like I’ll be a little late. Instead I decided to work on my Etsy shop and spend time with the little monster. Speaking of her, she went nuts an hour ago. I had to turn everything off and we went to our room. She was so over excited, but it was probably her last bit of energy before she goes to bed. I read somewhere that this is the best time to play with your kid. Not for me, its too much and I can’t stand when she gets that hyper. She finally settled down, and we’re watching The Princess and the Frog.

Mary Shelley Mathilda – here’s the link for Mary Shelly’s novella. It’s a quick read, but has the subject of incest and suicide in it. Read the intro first if your unsure about reading it. Though, there’s nothing graphic in it.

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June 22nd post : New Pet

Right off the start I didn’t write everyday. That was my goal with restarting this blog, and it’s been three days. However, I did technically write everyday because I had school work to get done. I’ve also been working more on my Etsy shop, and was doing post for that too. So, maybe I can lie to myself and claim that I was writing everyday.

Anyway, happy late fathers day to all the dad’s and some mom’s out there (my boyfriend’s mother gets recognition for both). This fathers day weekend was fairly good. We went to the circus, and he won her a little gold fish. Her first pet. I expected the fish to die since she kept on picking it on the way home. However, it actually lived through the night.

I thought she wouldn’t bother with it, but of course no. She kept asking it to eat and puted her stuffed animals by it. Therefore, of course, I had to go and spend almost $50 on a tank and stuff. Two days later, the little guy is still around. Pretty sure we’re going to be stuck with fish for awhile.

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A new start: A general blog post about why I changed my blog


This is a general blog post. Really, I’ve decided to change my blog, and write whatever comes to mind. I even deleted all my followers, so they won’t suddenly see post that they didn’t sign up for. I’m happy and disappointed that I decided to do this. I’m happy because I’m getting back to my goal to write everyday. Though, of course, I’m sad that my first idea didn’t hold mine and others attention enough.

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This time in order to keep with my goal to write everyday this blog will be almost like a diary. In time I hope to find my nitch and make this more professional again.

For my original Books and More blog I tried to write about literature. Though I found that I wasn’t writing anything because it felt like I was doing school work. I was focusing so much on everything that could be better that I have a long list of drafts, but very few post.

I’m keeping my old post on her so you can scroll through to see some personal work and other links. I’d love to hear from other blogger about what worked for them and if you also did any redo with your blog/s.

Thanks for stopping by


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