Chicago native and stay at home mom. I love to explain the world through writing

What is this site about anyway?

A little about this site. I want to share information, musings, and my own work with you. While a side goal of mine is to review books and create other literary merchandise post. This is of course because I plan to have affiliated links on in this blog site. I don’t want to over crowd it with ads, but will see if I can make job out of blogging. That being said, If you’d like to see anything in particular please feel free to message or comment in a post, and I’ll try to accommodate.

Now who am I? Hello, I’m Linda. Freelance writer and aspiring author.

Welcome to my page. I found the joy of writing early and would love to continue this discussion with how I followed my dream. Though, that is not my story. Since I’m a first generation college student I went with the more rational advice and studied information technology. After graduating from Robert Morris University in Chicago, sometime in the early 2000’s, I still didn’t feel satisfied and joined the U.S. Navy for six long years. Though, I enjoy technology I didn’t get much enjoyment from working with it. Instead I found enjoyment from reading, writing, and crafts.

Upon leaving the Navy I returned home to Chicago, IL and jump to different service jobs for a year or so. Not wanting to settle down yet I didn’t take finding a career seriously at first, and figured I would soon leave Chicago anyway. God laughed at this and decided to give me my first, and hopefully only child. Now, I balance being a stay-at-home mother with school and from home side jobs. The future goal of course is be a full time freelance writer and author while caring for my very active daughter.

Take a look around and I hope your comment or feel free to message me.

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