Poem Post: When I Came Back Home

Hello, just a quick personal post. I came across this poem and fixed it up a bit. Hope you enjoy it. It’s actually a part of a set, but I didn’t clean up the other ones yet. When I Came Back Home I have traveled far from this dirty city,That is filled with alley ratsContinue reading “Poem Post: When I Came Back Home”

Short post-Ever had a hard time finishing a book?

Have you ever had a hard time reading a book? Not because it was difficult or because you couldn’t get into to it, but because it was a mentally difficult read. I’m having that issue right now. I’m trying to get through The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes by Suzanne Collins. I’m not really sureContinue reading “Short post-Ever had a hard time finishing a book?”

Do you read short stories…

Disclamer: My writing is my opinion, and I do my best to cite all of my resources. (Still working on the disclamers and copywrite) I never really read short stories before my writing classes. If I did, they were usually in the horror genre. As I’ve been going through my writings I’ve found a littleContinue reading “Do you read short stories…”

My Morning Drink – A Poem

Just a poem. I found it right now so I figured I’d post it. Hope you enjoy it. My Morning Drink Blurry hues and bright lights, like eyes looking back.Will it be jukebox music or live tonight?Passing on supposed fruity drinks – with absolutely no fruity taste.My poison is dark with full flavor, thanks. MyContinue reading “My Morning Drink – A Poem”

Non-Fiction Essay – The Halloween That Almost Wasn’t

Hello, If you’ve been following me, yay! I’m done with my classes for this term. Fortunately and unfortunately I’ll be free all February. Anyway, I’m still figuring what content I want to add here, so just to keep the posts going here’s another piece I did awhile back. Hope you enjoy. The Halloween That AlmostContinue reading “Non-Fiction Essay – The Halloween That Almost Wasn’t”

A little bit of Poe and a bit of writing

Let me talk about a classic. I’ll be up all night finishing up my final projects and I wanted to get something in tonight. I want to discuss the classic short story by Edger Allen Poe, “The Tell-Tale Heart”. I’ll be honest, years ago, when I first started reading Poe, I couldn’t get past theContinue reading “A little bit of Poe and a bit of writing”

Getting to know flash fiction

Hello, If you’ve been following, like 2 people, you know that I’ve been dying from class work. So, here I am again taking a break and making a quick post. I forturnitly and unfortunitly have Feburary off and can create some better post then. This one is about flash fiction, it’s also referred to asContinue reading “Getting to know flash fiction”

Just checking in with a little Dickinson and living on caffeine…

Hello O my goodness. I am currently on my last week of classes and have no confidence with anything I turned in the other week. I still have a ppt and a website to finish by Sunday, but I need a break. Since my brains about to crash I figured I’d write a quick post.Continue reading “Just checking in with a little Dickinson and living on caffeine…”