walking in the rain – journal post

The other day we went walking in the rain. I usually don’t do this, but it was nice out too. Kids need to do this sometimes, even if I’m terrified that she’ll get sick. It was suppose to be a short 3 block walk. We usually go for French fries at the local submarine place.Continue reading “walking in the rain – journal post”

Blog post journal

Been a hard week, boyfriend issues, but trying to focus on my Etsy shop. I’m also considering writing a poetry book. I know this will probably go nowhere, but poetry usually starts my creative flow going. My classes start on Monday, so writing some poetry beforehand can only benefit me. I started the other night.Continue reading “Blog post journal”

Blog: Just Another Monday

Busy few months ahead. I Finished classes yesterday, and start three new ones next Monday. One is my senior seminar, so I know I’ll be super busy. However, I’m mostly scared, because after August I’ll have to go back to work if some of my side projects don’t pull through. I’m the only one thatContinue reading “Blog: Just Another Monday”

Couldn’t go to the wedding

I couldn’t go to a wedding today, no kids under 5, and no babysitter. We woke up around noon today, alot later than normal. I ironed his clothes and felt a little bad about not being able to go. He kept on telling me to just go with him, but I think thats beyond rude.Continue reading “Couldn’t go to the wedding”

June 22nd post : New Pet

Right off the start I didn’t write everyday. That was my goal with restarting this blog, and it’s been three days. However, I did technically write everyday because I had school work to get done. I’ve also been working more on my Etsy shop, and was doing post for that too. So, maybe I canContinue reading “June 22nd post : New Pet”

A new start: A general blog post about why I changed my blog

Hello, This is a general blog post. Really, I’ve decided to change my blog, and write whatever comes to mind. I even deleted all my followers, so they won’t suddenly see post that they didn’t sign up for. I’m happy and disappointed that I decided to do this. I’m happy because I’m getting back toContinue reading “A new start: A general blog post about why I changed my blog”