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The beginning

Hello and welcome to Books and More, a blog about mostly anything literary related and then some. This is an introductory post to help me figure out format, see how the ads looks (I don’t want them overpowering the content), and to just speak to you. Just a few bullets points of some key pointsContinue reading “The beginning”

Just a blog rant

Like the title says this is only a rant. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to post this, but then I figured this is what blogs are for too. So, I’ve started really working on this blog about two weeks ago, and two things are driving me nuts right now. 1. Social media. How inContinue reading “Just a blog rant”

About Me

Hi, I’m Linda. A mother, student, and working hard to be a freelance writer. Join me in all things literature and then some.

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