The beginning

Hello and welcome to Books and More, a blog about mostly anything literary related and then some. This is an introductory post to help me figure out format, see how the ads looks (I don’t want them overpowering the content), and to just speak to you.

Just a few bullets points of some key points

  • To start off, I’m not an expert or anything. I’m almost finished with a bachelors in English, but everything will be my opinion, analysis, or personal work.
  • Since most of my writing right now stems from school work, I will have citations with each blog. I will also have those citations and links on there own page for convenience.
  • The first few post will most likely be about Emily Dickinson since she was my inspiration to start writing.

I’m sorry I don’t have more for you right now. I hope you decide to follow me or leave me a message to say hi, or tell me what or who inspires you.