Memorial Day: Remembering

Hello Everyone, We barbecued today, and now I’m outside chilling with my daughter. Yet, eventhough I’m peacefully drinking my cup of coffee there’s a dark cloud over my head today. Memorial day hasn’t been another holiday since I joined the military a lifetime ago. My life in the Navy has long been done, about sixContinue reading “Memorial Day: Remembering”

How do you celebrate May the 4th ? : This Year I Remember Carrie Fisher

What do you do on Maythe4thbewithyou? I normally use this day to watch a few of the movies. However, this year I decided to spend the day remembering Carrie Fisher. It’s actually strange and a little hypocritical of me to care that she’s gone so much. When young, I never thought of her as oneContinue reading “How do you celebrate May the 4th ? : This Year I Remember Carrie Fisher”

Thank you for following me

Hello, It’s been forever since I last posted anything and I wanted to checked in. Since I need to get back into the groove of writing, I want to take the time to thank everyone who follows and checks out my posts. These last couple of classes took up more time than I thought theyContinue reading “Thank you for following me”

I’m Going to Miss Those Dr. Seuss Books, Because I Grew Up With Them.

Short post. I’m a little late in talking about this, but how do you feel about the decision on the Dr. Seuss books? While I understand, and agree, to their reasons I can’t help but to be disappointed by their decision. Mostly, though, I’m mad at myself for putting off buying Mcelligot’s Pool, as itContinue reading “I’m Going to Miss Those Dr. Seuss Books, Because I Grew Up With Them.”

Usborne Books and More : Have You Tried Them?

Hello, First, If you’ve been following me I’m still getting on my feet. I started classes again (Journalism and Shakespeare) so more poetry and current news posts will probably be in the future. In the mean time I want to talk about how my daughter and I have finally gotten into a good reading routine.Continue reading “Usborne Books and More : Have You Tried Them?”

Does Reading Help Your Writing?

Does reading help your writing? I’m kinda asking, because I’m curious. I know I’ve read in many posts, articles, and books that writers need to read, read, read. Though, when is a good time to do that? This post isn’t a writing tips one, it’s more of a rant/discussion one. Though, I’ll add some sitesContinue reading “Does Reading Help Your Writing?”