How do you celebrate May the 4th ? : This Year I Remember Carrie Fisher

What do you do on Maythe4thbewithyou? I normally use this day to watch a few of the movies. However, this year I decided to spend the day remembering Carrie Fisher. It’s actually strange and a little hypocritical of me to care that she’s gone so much. When young, I never thought of her as oneContinue reading “How do you celebrate May the 4th ? : This Year I Remember Carrie Fisher”

Thank you for following me

Hello, It’s been forever since I last posted anything and I wanted to checked in. Since I need to get back into the groove of writing, I want to take the time to thank everyone who follows and checks out my posts. These last couple of classes took up more time than I thought theyContinue reading “Thank you for following me”

Short post-Ever had a hard time finishing a book?

Have you ever had a hard time reading a book? Not because it was difficult or because you couldn’t get into to it, but because it was a mentally difficult read. I’m having that issue right now. I’m trying to get through The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes by Suzanne Collins. I’m not really sureContinue reading “Short post-Ever had a hard time finishing a book?”

Do you read short stories…

Disclamer: My writing is my opinion, and I do my best to cite all of my resources. (Still working on the disclamers and copywrite) I never really read short stories before my writing classes. If I did, they were usually in the horror genre. As I’ve been going through my writings I’ve found a littleContinue reading “Do you read short stories…”