Do you read short stories…

Disclamer: My writing is my opinion, and I do my best to cite all of my resources. (Still working on the disclamers and copywrite) I never really read short stories before my writing classes. If I did, they were usually in the horror genre. As I’ve been going through my writings I’ve found a littleContinue reading “Do you read short stories…”

A little bit of Poe and a bit of writing

Let me talk about a classic. I’ll be up all night finishing up my final projects and I wanted to get something in tonight. I want to discuss the classic short story by Edger Allen Poe, “The Tell-Tale Heart”. I’ll be honest, years ago, when I first started reading Poe, I couldn’t get past theContinue reading “A little bit of Poe and a bit of writing”

Getting to know flash fiction

Hello, If you’ve been following, like 2 people, you know that I’ve been dying from class work. So, here I am again taking a break and making a quick post. I forturnitly and unfortunitly have Feburary off and can create some better post then. This one is about flash fiction, it’s also referred to asContinue reading “Getting to know flash fiction”