Blog: Just Another Monday

Busy few months ahead. I Finished classes yesterday, and start three new ones next Monday. One is my senior seminar, so I know I’ll be super busy. However, I’m mostly scared, because after August I’ll have to go back to work if some of my side projects don’t pull through. I’m the only one thatContinue reading “Blog: Just Another Monday”

Poem: I’m a bad mom

Hello, This peom is more like a personal rant, so it’s a fairly bad poem. I’m having a hard time with potty training, behavior, and speech therapy stuff with my daughter. The issue isn’t with my daughter right now, but with everyone else. I’m actually very happy to say that presently my daughter tolerates meContinue reading “Poem: I’m a bad mom”

My Morning Drink – A Poem

Just a poem. I found it right now so I figured I’d post it. Hope you enjoy it. My Morning Drink Blurry hues and bright lights, like eyes looking back.Will it be jukebox music or live tonight?Passing on supposed fruity drinks – with absolutely no fruity taste.My poison is dark with full flavor, thanks. MyContinue reading “My Morning Drink – A Poem”