Does Reading Help Your Writing?

Does reading help your writing? I’m kinda asking, because I’m curious. I know I’ve read in many posts, articles, and books that writers need to read, read, read. Though, when is a good time to do that? This post isn’t a writing tips one, it’s more of a rant/discussion one. Though, I’ll add some sitesContinue reading “Does Reading Help Your Writing?”

Non-Fiction Essay – The Halloween That Almost Wasn’t

Hello, If you’ve been following me, yay! I’m done with my classes for this term. Fortunately and unfortunately I’ll be free all February. Anyway, I’m still figuring what content I want to add here, so just to keep the posts going here’s another piece I did awhile back. Hope you enjoy. The Halloween That AlmostContinue reading “Non-Fiction Essay – The Halloween That Almost Wasn’t”

Getting to know flash fiction

Hello, If you’ve been following, like 2 people, you know that I’ve been dying from class work. So, here I am again taking a break and making a quick post. I forturnitly and unfortunitly have Feburary off and can create some better post then. This one is about flash fiction, it’s also referred to asContinue reading “Getting to know flash fiction”